Instagram Pods

Boost engagement, support others and beat the Instagram algorithm as a team!

What is an Instagram pod?

Likeminded Instagramers join together as a group and work to support each other in order to help grow each of their platforms. The members of each pod engage with the content of others in their pod as soon as the post goes live, in order to notify Instagram that a particular piece of content is generating engagement. Instagram’s algorithm maintains that popular posts are most likely to be seen on any given news feed.

2 Pod types:

  1. Add everyone that you want in your pod to a group message on Instagram. Whenever a group member posts new content, they message the group to notify everyone of its existence and to go “engage” with it. The group members will then go and “like” or comment on the post.
  2. Add everyone that you want to be in your pod to a group message on Instagram and have them turn on post notifications for each others accounts. Whenever someone in the pod posts a picture, everyone will be notified and they can go interact with the post.

Remember, make sure to create pods with like-minded, goal-oriented members who have the desire to invest in and support others.